WHAT SCHOOLS VARSITY JACKETS DO YOU CARRY? - Primary schools we do in the area are - Waterford Mott High School - Waterford Kettering High School - Clarkston High School - Lakeland High School - Walled Lake Northern - Walled Lake Central - Walled Lake Western - Milford High School - West Bloomfield High School - Brandon High School - Lake Orion High School - Oxford High School - Rochester High School - Stoney Creek High School - Rochester Adams High School - Holly High School - Our Lady of the Lakes - Notre Dame Prep - Pontiac High School - Avondale High School - Novi High School. We can do any school. Some of the other schools we've done in the past are Hartland - South Lyon - Grand Blanc - Howell - Mercy -Farmington - Farmington Hills - Romeo High School - Goodrich - Troy Athens - Everest Collegiate. If your school is not on this list then we just need the specs, like a picture to reference, and we can complete the job.

DO YOU JUST DO SCHOOL VARSITY JACKETS? No, we have done jackets for many companies in the area. Because of our full capabilities, we can do any kind of jacket for you. We've also done jackets for the Military and also re-create jackets for Senior Alumni for schools they graduated from.

WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO GET A VARSITY JACKET STARTED? - Start by coming into the store to get personally fitted for the right size coat. Second, we would go over every option you have on personalizing and stitching your coat up. Last of course is we would need a $100 deposit to get it started. After the coat is complete, we call and let you know your jacket is ready for pick up. At the time of placing an order, we would need the letter and any other patches the school gives you to put on your coat. If you are still waiting to receive the letter, we can always get everything else started in the meantime.

HOW MUCH IS A VARSITY JACKET? - For most schools, we don't have a set price on our jackets just because everything is priced out individually to give you the best price possible. If you are a student with a lot of activities opting for all the options your coat is going to be more expensive than someone looking for something just basic. We are very competitive with our pricing and will try to give you the best price possible. Call us for a quote - 248-461-6281. This year, we will be introducing package deals for some schools to offer even deeper discounts. 

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR A VARSITY JACKETS? - We've done coats in the past in just a few days because we do it all in-house, but it does depend on a lot of things. The stock of the coat for instance. Some coats ship straight from the manufacturer the same day. Custom coats can take + 3 weeks to get in. We do our best to keep the custom coats in stock at our store in Waterford so we can cut the lead times. Depending on the time of the year can affect the turnaround as well. Around Christmas time we get more orders than usual and that can hold up production time. If you are worried about the time frame, please give us a call and we can give you a better guess on what that time might be. 248-461-6281.

WHAT TYPE OF PAYMENTS DO YOU ACCEPT? - We Do accept all major credit cards Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover Credit Cards. We also accept Cash payments and Checks. 

DO YOU DO YOUR WORK IN-HOUSE? - Yes absolutely! At our storefront in Waterford at 3526 Sashabaw Rd STE B, Waterford, MI 48329. We operate the sewing part of our business. Embroidery, Chain Stitching, and Sewing are all done there. We set up and teamed up with a partner in Wixom to house all of our screen printing and expand our reach to customers. Because we do our work in-house, we can control cost, quality, and turnaround, to ensure our customers get the best products and services.

CAN YOU PRINT SINGLE ITEMS? - Screen Printing is set up for bulk production. We can certainly print one shirt, but the reality is the cost with set-ups and minimum fees are going to add up to the same amount you would spend on printing 12 shirts. Because of these set-up charges you receive upfront we could not justify suggesting doing 1 or 2 pieces unless the customer insists. We have another solution. We have a process called Vinyl Cutting. Vinyl cutting is done by a per piece system which means your cost is super low. We do our vinyl cutting in-house on Sashabaw and it is the same method we use to put names on clothing items. In most situations, we've had with our customers vinyl cutting was the best solution for their needs. 


Our screen-printing prices are based on piece count. If you are not sure how many pieces you are trying to do, we can give you breakpoints like 12-24 pieces for example. You can also mix and match to get to higher discounts for the printing cost for example adding hoodies to your t-shirt order. Once your print cost is determined, it's added to the cost of the item. The items are based on an MSRP, and we discount that price significantly depending on how many you are purchasing. For smaller orders, we charge a shipping fee, unless we can group it with a current order and then wave that fee. Items also vary on the quality, weight, size of the product, so keep that in mind. We'll guide you the best way we can with samples and product explanations. 

Our embroidery prices are based on stitch count. Once we get a logo digitized and programmed into our system, we can see the stitch count of the file. The higher and more complex designs require a higher stitch count. If you send us the logo and the size that you want to info@therivalshop.com. 

ARE YOU HIRING? - Right now we are fully staffed, but we will be looking shortly for a person to run the front part of our store. Greeting Customer, Sales, Processing Orders, Answering Customer Calls. We are always looking for Chain Stitchers for our Varsity Jackets. We also offer Sales Rep partnerships to anyone interested in selling our products in other areas and working on commission. If you are interested call 248-461-6281 or email us at info@therivalshop.com

WHAT FORMAT DOES MY ARTWORK NEED TO BE IN? - The best way is if your artwork is in an EPS, Corel Draw, or Adobe Illustrator, file so we do not need to do much to separate and print. Most times our customer does not have the artwork. This is okay. We do our graphic design and can help you whip something together. We pride ourselves on our unique nature when it comes to designing products, but we also are aware not all customers are going to want something so creative. We'll work with you on whatever will make your product the best for you. When it comes to digitizing for embroidery, we just need a high-resolution jpg.  




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