Looking to have some embroidery work done?

Whether it's a single name, company logo, or extravagant design we can do it all. Single job or bulk order, the size of the job does not matter. We do our own digitizing and have multi stationed computerized embroidery machines ready and fired up to complete whatever job comes our way.

In our store, we have a catalog with all of the different designs we offer in stock, a list of fonts and styles, and a color thread chart, to make sure your embroidery design comes out exactly how you would want it. Our prices are very competitive and are based on the stitch count of the design. If you're looking to put a company logo on a Polo for example. We would first need to get your logo digitized.

What is digitizing?

Digitizing is taking an image like a JPG and going in and programing where each stitch goes so when our machine reads the file, it sews the logo exactly how it looks. Email us at info@therivalshop.com with your logo and we can get an order started.

We offer a full stock library of premade designs from Dakota Collectibles. They have everything from sport designs for Varsity Jackets, to monograming designs for robes and blankets. We've narrowed down the best designs for varsity jackets in our instore catalog but if there is something specific, you're looking for, check out their online catalog. Click on the link below to access their website.


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